Live Expert Omni-Channel - Kiosk, Computer, Tablet, & Phone
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Transforming Online Customer Service

Live Expert Anywhere provides video/voice/text chat and content sharing in one browser window on the customer’s screen- with no software download needed. Perfect for on-demand customer service, live product demonstrations, and new customer acquisition.

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Web Browser, Mobile App, and Kiosk Application

The Live Expert system includes Live Expert Anywhere, Live Expert Mobility, and Live Expert Station (kiosk application) for providing live face-to-face services across all digital channels

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Customer, Skill, and Context based Video Call Routing

Live Expert can instantly select agents and route video calls based on required skill or language, customer ID or location, prior service interaction, and agent availability.

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Easy to Implement

Live Expert does not require proprietary equipment or a large IT project. The solution can be implemented in days and can work seamlessly with your company’s existing systems.

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