Success Stories

A sample of our customers in consumer services, retail, healthcare, and financial services – in US, Canada and Europe.


Hertz operates ExpressRent kiosks using the Live Expert Station module at hundreds of airport and off airport locations. With Live Expert, Hertz can expand its points of presence without adding onsite staff or making significant investments in rental offices. Centralized virtual agents can serve any location on demand to speed customers through the rental process, reduce wait times, and increase upgrades and add-on sales. Live Expert Station also interfaces with the mag-stripe reader, driver license reader, RFID readers and dispenser to handle every aspect of kiosk services.

Staples Canada

Staples Canada, also known as Staples Business Depot and Bureau en Gros, operates in every Canadian province with over 330 stores. Staples Canada uses the Live Expert Station module in its stores and Live Expert Anywhere module on its website to provide graphic design and other custom services that would be too costly to staff at each store. Live Expert allows Staples Canada to efficiently add high-touch services and increase sales at its stores and website. For online services, Live Expert Anywhere works with all browsers, devices and operating systems, and does not require the customer to download and install any software. In 2009, Staples Canada switched to Live Expert after using another video chat system for 3 years, and has since significantly grown its video agent program. ClairVista has been selected Vendor of Year by Staples Canada.

National Business Furniture

National Business Furniture is a $200 million online retailer of business furniture revolutionizing the convergence of physical and virtual retailing with the Live Expert system. NBF uses the Live Expert Anywhere module to provide video chat consultation and live product demonstrations to online customers. With one click, customers are immediately connected to an available furniture advisor. Furniture advisors operate in a showroom designed for product demonstrations via video chat so customers can see the details of actual products. Advisors also share digital content with customers to show color, fabric and material choices. Live consultations and product demonstrations have increased customer conversion and order sizes.

Road Runner Sports

Road Runner Sports is the leading specialty multi-channel retailer of running shoes, accessories and apparel. Since 1983, Road Runner Sports has been providing sports minded people the ability to buy quality fitness product at a great price as well as creating an incredible one-on-one customer relationship. That relationship has flourished because each team member makes the most of every opportunity to interact with customers to ensure they have a WOW! experience. Road Runner Sports is also a pioneer in providing live online expertise using video chat technology. In 2015, Road Runner Sports switched to Live Expert after using another video chat system for 2 years.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA)

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) helps patients win the fight against cancer through its nationwide network of fully accredited cancer hospitals. CTCA patients on average travel over 300 miles to one of CTCA’s hospitals for state-of-the-art treatment by a dedicated team of oncologists, surgeons and other health experts. CTCA is a pioneer in providing live video chat consultation during patient acquisition to answer questions and establish rapport with patients and their family members. In 2015, CTCA switched to Live Expert Anywhere after using another video chat system for 3 years. Live Expert Anywhere is unique in that no software download is required for customers to video chat with specialists. Live Expert Anywhere works with all browsers, devices, and operating systems.

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Stichting Philadelphia Zorg – Netherlands

Philadelphia, a large Dutch healthcare organization that serves 7,500 clients with disabilities in The Netherlands, provides telehealth services using Live Expert Anywhere and Live Expert Mobility modules. Traditionally, Philadelphia provided these services through weekly scheduled visits to each client’s home. Using Live Expert for a new service named Digicontact, Philadelphia now also provides 24/7 care in real-time.  With one click, Live Expert immediately connects each client with an available caretaker for live video interaction and interactive information sharing.  With Live Expert, Philadelphia makes its services more accessible and time­ly, increases patient engagement, and improves the overall quality of care, which also reduces the need for weekly home visits.

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Middin Healthcare – Netherlands

Clients of Middin, an organization that provides care and support for people with mental disabilities in The Hague, Netherlands, can ask questions from their homes using the Live Expert video chat system. Using the Live Expert mobile app on an iPad, which automatically connects each client to an available caretaker, clients can instantly connect with Middin and get help. In addition to Middin’s normal care model, remote video care using the Live Expert system opens up many new possibilities.

Middin is excited to bring this innovative form of remote care to their clients and achieves many benefits such as increased accessibility to care, a greater sense of security for clients, and decreased home visits. This telehealth service is available 24/7 from the specially trained caretakers in the Middin video contact center called ‘Digicontact Center.’

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