In 2022, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) awarded its Trailblazer Award to Arizona Motor Vehicle Division for its Virtual CSR program, which uses ClairVista’s Live Expert system.

Read more: 2022 AAMVA Trailblazer Award

Government Successes

philadelphia international airport

Philadelphia International Airport uses Live Expert to provide video chat customer service to travelers throughout the airport.  Travelers can use Live Expert kiosks or scan QR codes with their phone and be instantly connected to a virtual agent for live assistance without downloading an app.

Live Expert informs the agent of the traveler’s location and provides easy access to content and forms that the agent can share with travelers.  Live Expert can also route video calls to agents based on the type of assistance needed or the traveler’s language choice.

adot mvd blue

Arizona Dept of Transportation uses Live Expert kiosks to virtually augment staffing at Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) offices. Virtual agents can handle many MVD services by co-browsing with customers and helping with forms and making payment.

In 2022, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) awarded its Trailblazer Award to Arizona Motor Vehicle Division for its Virtual CSR program, which uses ClairVista’s Live Expert system. Read more: 2022 AAMVA Trailblazer Award


Franklin County (Ohio) Municipal Court uses Live Expert kiosks to provide a wide range of municipal court services, including scheduling court times, completing and filing forms, and paying fees and fines.  Video agents use co-browsing to guide the customer through these processes.  Live Expert also interfaces with the kiosk’s driver license reader, credit card reader, and bill acceptor and provides the agent with information necessary to complete transactions.

Using Live Expert, the Franklin County Municipal Court was able to safely provide court services to the public without interruption during the COVID pandemic.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) uses Live Expert kiosks at its police precincts so that citizens can speak with a police officer by video, report crimes, and file police reports 24/7.

In addition, for incoming phone calls, officers can send a text message to the caller and begin a video call.  The citizen can show the crime scene or upload photos so the officer can determine whether to send a squad car to the scene.  The officer can also help the caller fill out a police report, including obtaining a signature.

Using Live Expert, the BRPD makes the department more accessible to citizens, while handling police matters more efficiently and safely.

All in One BTRD
BRPD QR Code Sign
Massachusetts commission logo2

Massachusetts Commission on Anti-Discrimination uses Live Expert countertop kiosks to provide video chat consultation to citizens who wish to file discrimination  complaints. The virtual agent can have the employee complete web forms and provide signature.  The kiosks  also have a camera for capturing document images that are uploaded to the virtual agent.

Using Live Expert kiosks, the Massachusetts CAD  provides multiple points of access for citizens to easily receive consultation and file discrimination complaints.

Self-Storage Successes

life storage

Life Storage operates more than 1,100 locations and uses Live Expert video kiosks to provide virtual customer service at their storage facilities. Live Expert automatically routes video calls from kiosks to an available agent. Customers can receive consultation and sign up for a storage locker with a live agent, who can see the kiosk screen and guide the customer through the entire process.

The virtual, on-demand service model allows Life Storage to support a large number of locations with face-to-face customer engagement with a small team of virtual CSRs, who achieve higher customer conversion and transaction value than self-service.

10Federal Self Storage operates 75 locations in 16 states and uses Live Expert video kiosks to provide customers with virtual services at its self-storage facilities.
Customers have both self-service and live agent assistance options at the kiosk, and a live agent can be requested at any point in the kiosk workflow. Adding virtual services to their facilities allows 10Federal to significantly improve their unattended facility operating model.

Anytime Storage is a self storage industry pioneer, being one of the earliest companies to add Live Expert kiosks to their self-storage facilities. Providing live agent services at their facilities with a virtual staff has allowed Anytime Storage to efficiently improve new customer conversion and respond to customer service needs in real-time.

B2C Successes

integrity staffing removebg preview

Integrity Staffing uses the Live Expert system to hire new employees for clients like Amazon and Home Depot. Using Live Expert, Integrity Staffing recruiters interview job applicants right away at the moment of their interest. Applicants complete a simple online form and instantly receive a text or email link. By clicking the link, they connect with a recruiter for that position right away without downloading an app.

By engaging applicants right away, Integrity Staffing:

  • Eliminates time lapse between job application and interview
  • Reduces effort trying to reconnect with applicants
  • Reduces administrative work for applicant tracking
  • Significantly reduces candidate attrition
  • Dramatically increases number of hires per recruiter
integrity staffing 2
pleaseant holidays 3

Pleasant Holidays uses Live Expert to provide virtual concierge services to 50 hotels in the Hawaiian Islands.  Customers scan a QR code or use a kiosk to instantly connect with a live concierge without downloading an app.

The system informs the concierge of the guest’s location so the concierge can share information and videos about tour options and book tours in real-time.  Concierges can also transfer live video calls to other concierges for different services.

Live Expert has helped Pleasant Holidays efficiently expand service hours and significantly increase tour bookings without having to staff each hotel with onsite workers.

pleaseant holidays 2

Globe Car uses Live Expert to provide virtual customer service for car and truck rentals at its kiosks throughout Quebec, Canada. Customers instantly connect with a live agent who handles the entire rental process.

Live Expert allows Globe Car to provide live, on-demand services while reducing staffing by virtualizing their staff.  Virtual services also provide better service availability to each location and enable longer service hours.

Hertz Logo

Hertz used Live Expert to operate ExpressRent video kiosks at airport and off-airport locations for over 10 years, the largest deployment of video kiosks in the world. Live Expert provided interfaces to the kiosk’s driver license scanner, credit card reader, printer, and Hertz’s reservation system to help manage the entire transaction cycle.

With the benefits of virtual CSR staffing, Hertz was able to efficiently provide personalized services at over 700 hundred locations, which reduced customer wait times and increased upsells and addon sales.

Hertz Live Expert Station Video Thumbnail

Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth Successes

Prism Care logo one line

PRISM Care uses ClairVista’s remote patient monitoring & telehealth system and achieves the highest rate of patient compliance and retention in the RPM industry.  Prism Care is also one of the fastest growing RPM service companies in the industry.  Integrated video chat and secure HIPAA compliant messaging, combined with real-time RPM alerts, help PRISM Care’s staff respond quickly to patient’s needs, maintain high level of patient engagement, and improve patients’ health outcomes.

PRISM Care is one of many remote patient monitoring services that switched to ClairVista’s integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth platform after using other systems.

virtare health

Virtare Health uses ClairVista’s RPM & telehealth system for its remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM), transitional care management (TCM) services. Integrated video chat and secure, HIPAA compliant messaging, together with real-time RPM alerts, help Vitare Health’s staff efficiently respond to patient’s needs and improve patients’ health outcomes.

Virtare Health is one of many remote patient monitoring services that have switched to ClairVista’s integrated remote patient monitoring and telehealth platform after using other systems.

clarke county hospital

Clarke County Hospital uses ClairVista’s remote patient monitoring system for the care of high risk patients. Patients use ClairVista’s home healthcare app, which is customized for each customer’s brand, and iHealth Lab devices that sync with the app via Bluetooth to report on patients’ vitals.

ClairVista’s Patient Monitor cloud application sends a daily reminder to each patient, sends reading alerts to Clarke County Hospital staff, provides easy tools for documenting follow up and disposition, and provides detailed reports to support reimbursement billings.

map health

MAP Health Management, the nation’s leading provider of peer recovery support services for people with substance use disorders uses our telehealth system for real-time patient enrollment and peer recovery counseling. Using ClairVista’s Live Expert Anywhere module, patients instantly connect with an available MAP advisor without having to schedule an appointment. Patients simply click on a webpage, email or text link and video chat with a MAP advisor using just their browser – no software download needed.

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