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Denver International Airport uses Live Expert to provide virtual services throughout the airport as well as on its website.  Airport customers use Live Expert kiosks or scan QR codes with their phone to instantly connect to a live video agent.

Visitors to can select from a list of services on the Live Expert widget and instantly connect to a live video agent without downloading software.  Agents can co-browse, share forms or transfer live video calls to another agent.

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Arizona Dept of Transportation uses Live Expert kiosks to virtually augment staffing at Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) offices. Virtual agents can handle many MVD services by co-browsing with customers and helping with forms and making payment.

During the COVID pandemic, virtual agents helped  reduce wait times in MVD offices and created a safer environment for customers and employees.

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Whirlpool uses Live Expert to assist 10,000+ field technicians when they encounter difficulty during a service call.  Field techs use Live Expert on their phone to connect with a master technician at Whirlpool’s service center. Master technicians use Live Expert to obtain the customer’s signature authorization, view the repair problem by video, share instructional videos or PDFs, and annotate images when helpful.

Using Live Expert, Whirlpool increases first-call resolution and service levels while reducing costs.

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Hertz used Live Expert to operate ExpressRent video kiosks at airport and off-airport locations for over 10 years, the largest deployment of video kiosks in the world. Live Expert provides interfaces to the kiosk’s driver license scanner, credit card reader, printer, and reservation system to help manage the entire transaction cycle.

With the benefits of virtual staffing, Hertz was able to efficiently provide personalized services at hundreds of locations, while reducing customer wait times and increasing upsells and add-on sales.

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Intuit uses Live Expert Station to provide technical support to its employees at Intuit offices around the globe.  With one click of the station screen, users are instantly connected to an available support staff who can assist them using video, co-browsing, and other support tools.

By providing these services virtually, Intuit can leverage a centralized team of expert resources and make them accessible to office locations around the world at any time.

Integrity Staffing uses Live Expert to recruit, interview, and onboard employees for their clients, including large companies like Amazon.  Using Live Expert, Integrity Staffing recruiters can efficiently engage with applicants in real-time and assist them through the application process, including capturing ID photos and verifying identity of the applicant.

Real-time virtual engagement with applicants helps Integrity Staffing reduce the recruiting cycle time and logistical dependency on recruiting offices, while increasing the rate of hire for attractive candidates.


Franklin County (Ohio) Municipal Court uses Live Expert kiosks to provide a wide range of municipal court services, including scheduling court times, completing and filing forms, and paying fees and fines.  Video agents use co-browsing to guide the customer through these processes.  Live Expert also interfaces with the kiosk’s driver license reader, credit card reader, and bill acceptor and provides the agent with information necessary to complete transactions.

Using Live Expert, the Franklin County Municipal Court was able to safely provide court services to the public without interruption during the COVID pandemic.

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) uses Live Expert kiosks at its police precincts so that citizens can speak with a police officer by video, report crimes, and file police reports 24/7.

In addition, for incoming phone calls, officers can send a text message to the caller and begin a video call.  The citizen can show the crime scene or upload photos so the officer can determine whether to send a squad car to the scene.  The officer can also help the caller fill out a police report, including obtaining a signature.

Using Live Expert, the BRPD makes the department more accessible to citizens, while handling police matters more efficiently and safely.

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