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Easy, One Click Connection to Providers

  • Automatic video call routing by service, language, location, licensing
  • Waiting rooms by services
  • Integrated co-browsing, file/video sharing
  • Complete forms, capture signature, verify ID
  • Peer-to-peer communication with true end-to-end encryption for greatest security
  • Telemedicine system for clinical services

Flexible Modules for Patients

  • Use just a browser without software download
  • Works with all computers & mobile devices
  • Use mobile app with additional feature options:
    • Customized menu of services, branding
    • Inbound/outbound video calling
    • Secure, encrypted messaging
    • Daily patient reminders and patient diaries

Comprehensive Application for Providers

  • Use PC or mobile devices
  • Receive video calls from all channels
  • Detailed Patient Status Room by service
  • Detailed Provider Status Room by service
  • Invite family or 3rd party by text, add to live session
  • Transfer live video calls to other providers
  • Integrated co-browsing, file/video sharing
  • Annotate images or documents
  • Complete forms, capture signature, verify ID
  • Easy access to patient records, forms, web content, videos

Clinician Preference for Video Telehealth Over Audio-Only Increases

A survey that included 425 primary care physicians, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, certified nurse specialists, or physician assistants shows that … “Clinicians’ attitudes toward video and audio-only telehealth changed over time. The proportion of respondents saying that patients received higher-quality care via video rather than audio-only visits increased from 63.5 percent in December 2020 to 69.7 percent in March 2022.

A majority of respondents (61 percent) agreed that video visits were as effective as in-person care in March 2022, as compared with 31.5 percent who agreed that audio-only visits were equally effective as in-person care.  Further, 63.5 percent of respondents said they would prefer to have no audio-only visits with OUD patients after the pandemic.”

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Flexible  •  Easy to Use  •  Comprehensive  •  Secure

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Omni-channel Telehealth System for Clinical Services

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