Why self-storage companies are
switching to Live Expert®?

  • Superior system used by 12 government agencies, 6 Fortune-500 and many self-storage companies.
  • True video service system w/ 15 years of R&D. Not a surveillance system hack.
  • Advanced platform with both kiosk & web modules.
  • Significantly less expensive software & hardware than OpenTech, Keep it Simple Storage, StoreEase.
  • Outstanding customer support.

Superior System & Highest Quality Kiosks

  • Automated video call routing to available agent by service,
    language, location.
  • Automated customer queue mgmt. & after-hours workflow.
  • Use existing web-POS system without integration.
  • Both live agent & self-service options available at kiosk.
  • Live video call transfers; add supervisor or 3rd party.
  • Agents have details for all customer sessions and agents.
  • Agents can see and remotely operate kiosk screen.
  • One-click access to sales material, forms, videos that agents
    can share with customers.
  • Agents can co-browse and return to POS with all information
    customer entered still in POS.
  • 25 real-time, configurable reports and analytics; and
    manager’s dashboard.
  • ClairVista’s 43” touchscreen kiosk has the highest quality
    components, available at unmatched price.

Unparalleled and Versatile Web Module

  • Video calling from customer’s phone or computer.
  • No app download needed, works with all browsers.
  • Make video calls by scanning QR code, clicking a
    web widget or link in a text or email.
  • Callback request option when no agent is staffed or
    customer is in waiting room.
  • Agents use same Studio application for kiosk & web
    calls with mostly same features for both.
  • Agents have details for all kiosk & web customer
    sessions and agent status.
  • Use existing web-POS system without integration.
  • Customers can upload photos, doc, ID.
  • ID verification also available.

Most Advanced Virtual Customer Service System

Live Expert is the most advanced virtual customer service system that has been widely deployed for 15 years, 1500 virtual service kiosks, 12 government agencies, and 4 self storage companies – where customers get instantly connected with an available agent by service, language, and location.