“The Live Expert system and the ClairVista team have been great to work with.  They listened to our business needs and adapted their software to meet those specifications. They were also able to meet our aggressive timelines and provided outstanding support during the implementation.”

Eric Jorgensen, Director
Motor Vehicle Division of
Arizona Department of Transportation


“We went live with Live Expert in 2019, and we have been amazed at the versatility of this system.  We now virtually assist customers with court information,  payment, completing forms, and verifying ID’s.  In 2021, we doubled the number of kiosks for this service.

The ClairVista team is amazing with excellent support! I have over 35+ years dealing with vendors and ClairVista ranks at the top! Highly recommend.”

Tim Fisher, Project Manager
Franklin County Municipal Court, Clerks Office

pleasant holidays blue

Mark Klaschka
Vice President & Managing Director
Pleasant Holidays


“Globe Car Rental’s partnership with ClairVista spans a decade built on cooperation and trust. They were committed to our success from day one and helped us improve our Live Expert services that we offer to thousands of happy clients.

ClairVista’s professionalism, innovation and response time is second to none.”

S. Hatahet, Vice President
Globe Car & Truck Rental

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