Virtual Customer Service for Self-Storage Facilities

  • Flexible kiosk equipment options
  • Easy integration of your storage rental system
  • Automated video call routing and queue management
  • Detailed view of customer waiting room & agent statuses
  • Live video call transfers & supervisor assistance
  • Seamless transition of video chat from kiosk to customer’s phone

Customized Kiosk Menu Screen & Service Options

  • Custom graphics & attract loop animation or video
  • Multiple video chat service options
  • Self-service option with location specific content
  • Multi-language support
  • Co-browsing, screensharing, remote control
  • Interfaces and control of kiosk devices
  • 25 real-time reports and analytics
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Improve Customer Conversion & Service Availability

With our Live Expert self-storage kiosk video system, operators can cost-effectively provide on-demand customer service at any location without onsite staff. Live virtual assistance increases customer conversion, transaction value, and customer satisfaction.


• Seamless transition of video chat from kiosk to customer’s phone • Scan QR code

• No software download • Connect to same agent for service continuity • 

• Same software features across kiosk and mobile •

Most Advanced Virtual Customer Service System

Live Expert is the most advanced virtual customer service system that has been widely deployed for 10+ years, including 1200 kiosks, 15 government agencies, and 4 self-storage companies – where customers get instantly connected with an available agent by service, language, and location.

Live Expert is also an omni-channel system – one software platform that provides virtual services online, via mobile, and at kiosk.

Learn how Live Expert can transform your business.