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AstraZeneca’s International Division uses Live Expert to connect doctors across the country with oncology specialists using video chat and interactive information sharing. By using the Live Expert telehealth solution, doctors are able to consult with specialists who are not readily available in their communities.

This service is a great example of how telehealth can transcend distance and logistical barriers to provide access to consultations with specialists.

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Total Med Solutions

Total Med Solutions is the largest operator of aesthetic spas in Texas. Their clinics provide physician-supervised hormone, weight loss, and skin care treatments.

Each clinic uses Live Expert to connect with a supervising physician in real-time. Remote physicians use video chat and interactive content sharing to consult with patients before the clinic proceeds with treatment. This virtual, on-demand service model allows Total Med Solutions to efficiently make physician consultations available to each of their locations.

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Perception Programs, Inc

PPI provides therapy and counseling treatment for addictions, substance abuse, depression, and other disorders.   Traditionally, these services were provided only at PPI’s Behavioral Health Centers and Residential or Recovery Housing.

By using our Live Expert telehealth solution, PPI makes its services more accessible to its clients. This improves client engagement and adherence to the therapists’ care plans. Live Expert also allows care managers to join live video consultations between clients and therapists to better coordinate care and respond to issues on a timely basis.

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Wijkonnekt is a Netherlands company that provides support services to elderly citizens in their home or in senior homes.  Wijkonnekt clients use Live Expert to connect with caregivers in real-time for a wide ranges of services to meet their needs.

Live Expert allows Wijkonnekt to make their services more accessible and timely rather than relying solely on in-person visits to the elderly client’s home.  Live Expert gives caregivers the opportunity to have more frequent face-to-face interactions with their clients.  This leads to greater engagement and care plan adherence for their clients, and better awareness of clients’ conditions for Wijkonnekt.

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