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Stichting Philadelphia Zorg – Netherlands

Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, a large healthcare provider in The Netherlands, serves 7,500 clients with disabilities in The Netherlands. Traditionally, Philadelphia provided these services through weekly scheduled visits to each client’s home. Using Live Expert for a new service named Digicontact, Philadelphia now also provides 24/7 care in real-time.  With one click, Live Expert immediately connects each client with an available caretaker for live video interaction and interactive information sharing.  With Live Expert, Digicontact makes its services more accessible and time­ly, increases patient engagement, and improves the overall quality of care.

By providing 24/7 access to care, DigiContact is revolutionizing healthcare delivery in The Netherlands. Clients can connect with a caregiver whenever they need help, and caregivers spend more time providing care and less time managing and traveling to appointments. Live Expert also allows caregivers to interact with clients more frequently, which has led to greater patient adherence to care plans and stronger rapport between clients and caretakers. And by increasing availability and timeliness of care, Philadelphia has been able to significantly reduce the number of visits to clients’ homes, thus reducing its overall cost of services.

But to operate a service like this, an organization needs much more than a videoconferencing system or a video plugin. What is needed is a comprehensive customer service system uniquely designed for real-time telehealth services. After a rigorous one year search for such a system in Europe and US, Philadelphia selected Live Expert and went live with Digicontact services in 2014.

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Middin (Netherlands) launches video engagement for Handicapped Patients

Clients of Middin, an organization that provides care and support for people with mental disabilities in The Hague, Netherlands, can contact caretakers in real-time and receive assistance using the Live Expert video chat system. With a single click of the Live Expert Mobility app on iPads, clients are automatically connected to an available caretaker for help.

Middin is expanding this innovative form of remote care to their clients and achieving many benefits such as increased accessibility and timeliness to care, a greater sense of security for clients, and decreased home visits. This telehealth service is available 24/7 from the specially trained caretakers in the Middin video contact center.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America

CTCA operates 5 hospitals in the US solely focused on providing well-coordinated cancer treatment in a welcoming environment. CTCA draws patients from all states and many foreign countries.

Since patients can come from far away, CTCA faces the challenge of effectively engaging prospective patients and their families as they try to evaluate their cancer treatment options and make the once in a lifetime decision about selecting a service provider. Relying solely on telephone conversations can be limiting.

By using the Live Expert Anywhere module on CTCA’s website and emails, prospective patients and family members can instantly begin a video call with a CTCA oncology information specialist (OIS). These advisors use face to face conversation and onscreen content sharing to explain how CTCA’s approach to cancer treatment. The result is a significantly greater new patient conversion than with telephone or email communications.

Because Live Expert Anywhere works with just a browser, patients are instantly connected to an OIS agent without the fuss of traditional video conferencing systems, which include:

  • Software download
  • Setting up a user account
  • Using an address book
  • Pre-scheduling a session.

Live Expert Anywhere works on all browsers, all operating systems, and all devices – PC, Mac, iOS, Android. Also, unlike videoconferencing systems, Live Expert handles real time call routing based on skill and agent availability, customer queues, and live video call transfers from one advisor to another.

CTCA previously used a different system with fewer capabilities, but switch to the Live Expert system in 2015.

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Ohio’s Hospice

Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton is the nation’s first hospice and palliative care organization to provide on-demand video consultation services to its patients and their family members.  Patients use an Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton mobile app, a custom version of ClairVista’s Live Expert Mobility module, to instantly connect to an available triage nurse or to other clinical services.

Patients can also use just a browser without software download, a unique feature of the Live Expert Anywhere module, and instantly connect to a clinician by clicking a button on a webpage.

These video consultations help Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton elevate the quality of patient engagement, better assess each patient’s condition, and easily share visual information with patients and their family members during video consultation.

Live Expert Mobility Ohio's Hospice iPad Menu Screen
Live Expert Mobility Ohio's Hospice iPad In Call

Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton is a non-profit, community-based hospice and palliative care organization providing end of life care.  Serving patients in a variety of settings, Ohio’s Hospice of Dayton provides its services through specialists in hospice and palliative care, including physicians, registered nurses, Advance Practice nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, home health aides, chaplains, and pharmacists.