Live Expert Telehealth 

Live Expert is a HIPAA compliant, omni-channel telehealth system with comprehensive tools and the flexibility to fit any workflow. This includes a browser-based module that requires no software download, and patients are connected with one click from a webpage, email or text.

Live Expert’s automatic video call routing by each patient’s need allows you to provide a wide range of real-time and scheduled services. Our real-time reports & analytics show patient’s usage and service levels, and make it easy to track reimbursable time.

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The world’s most comprehensive, flexible, & patient-focused telehealth system.

Live Expert Telehealth Diagram

Live Expert Anywhere

100% Browser-based module that can be added to any webpage, email, or text message.

One-Click Connection to Provider

  • No software download required for patients
  • Works with all desktop and mobile browsers
  • Automated video call routing by patient need
  • Add family member or 3rd party in real-time
  • Includes scheduler and customizable intake forms
  • Co-browse, share files/videos, annotate, complete forms, obtain signature, verify ID

Home Healthcare App

One mobile app for telehealth, patient support, and remote patient monitoring. Service option configuration for each practice group. Custom & Standard app options.

Next Generation Telehealth & RPM

  • Download to any Apple or Android device.
  • Inbound/outbound video calling.
  • Automated video call routing by service.
  • Add menu options for patient resources
  • Daily reminders sent by our Patient Monitor for each patient
  • For RPM, use with any manufacturer’s medical devices
  • Graphic on-screen instructions for RPM device readings

Live Expert Station

Telehealth kiosk application with SDK option. Station hardware can be kiosk, PC terminal, or iOS/Android tablet.

Live Virtual Services at Any Location

  • Custom menu, workflow, and messages
  • Integrated MSR, OCR/barcode scanner, printer, dispenser, bill acceptor.
  • Electronic ID verification & payment processing
  • Automated software and content updates, monitoring, alerts and reports.

Live Expert Studio

Comprehensive Software for Agents & Clinicians

  • Handles video calls from all channels
  • Easy access to patient records, forms, web content, recorded videos
  • Co-browse, share file/video, annotate, complete forms, obtain signature, verify ID
  • Invite family member or 3rd party to join a session in real-time by sending text
  • Detailed Patient Status room by service/function
  • Detailed Provider Status room by service/function

Live Expert Enterprise & Patient Monitor Cloud

Robust & Secure Cloud Services

  • Sophisticated video call telephony switch
  • Automated software & content distribution
  • 18 real-time reports and analytics
  • Patient Monitor manages individual patient care plans, sends daily patient reminders, monitors patient RPM adherence and readings, sends alerts and reports.
  • HIPAA and GDPR (EU) compliant

Integrated Web Tools

Wide Range of Tools for Patient Services

  • Online Scheduler
  • Custom Intake Forms and other Web Forms
  • Signature authorization capture
  • Electronic ID verification for driver’s licenses, passport, insurance cards, etc.
  • Resource Library for one click sharing of frequently used forms, content, or recorded videos
  • Session recording and signed forms administration

Features of Live Expert Telehealth

Features of Live Expert: One-click connection, real-time video call routing, queue mgmt & waiting room, live video call transfers, add additional parties to video, co-browser, file share, annotate, custom mobile apps, and browser-only video calls

Omni-channel Video Chat System

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