Customers: Staples

Staples Kiosk with Live Expert


Staples Canada is extending its Live Expert services to its website with the addition of our Live Expert Anywhere module for services. As with services provided through its in-store Live Expert Station terminals, Live Expert automatically connects each customer with the best advisor based on that customer’s need and language preference.


Staples Canada selected ClairVista as Vendor of Year. We are proud to have our culture of excellence and customer focus recognized by one of the most innovative retailers in the world.


Staples Canada, a 300-plus store division of Staples, Inc., has used Live Expert since 2009 to provide in-store graphic design services with live video chat and interactive content sharing. Customers use a touch screen computer running our Live Expert Station module to instantly connect to agents based on each customer’s language preference and service needs. While speaking face-to-face, agents share design concepts and product samples right on the customer’s screen for the customer to review and place an order.

“We operated our Live Video Agent service for more than three years (until 2009, using another system) and have selected Live Expert because it provides the best capabilities to serve our customers and ClairVista showed tremendous responsiveness to our needs,” said John Castiglione, Vice President of Sales & Operations for Staples Canada.

The Live Expert implementation took only two weeks to prepare and was accomplished over a weekend. This Live Video Agent program has allowed Staples Canada to add new revenue streams to each store by efficiently adding high touch, on demand services.