Kiosks & Terminals

The EXPERT STATION® provides unlimited expertise at every location with live video chat, content sharing, and remote device control for kiosks and terminals.

Live Expert Station is used to provide onsite services through video chat kiosks, terminals, or digital signs. LE Station can run on off-the-shelf equipment or custom kiosks.

Live Expert Companion is a video chat plug-in for existing self-service applications such as ATMs, check-in systems, ticketing, recruiting, gift registry, registrations or concierge services.

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Live Expert Kiosk

One-Touch Connection

One touch instantly connects customers to subject matter experts or account team members. Video calls can also begin with a card swipe, bar code scan, or when high value customers check in.

Beyond Self-Service

Video chat can be a customer selected option for self-service applications or automatically accompany every kiosk session. Live video agents can speed services for customers, provide expertise not available onsite, and be available to any location where customers need help.

Unlimited Gateway of Services

Live Expert Station can be used to add unlimited range of products and services to any location. These services can be provided by your employees, partners or 3rd parties. Adding products and services without adding onsite staff is a powerful ROI model.

Remote Control of Kiosk Devices

Agents can control kiosk devices such as magnetic stripe readers, bar code scanners, printers, and dispensers. Live Expert Station plays instructional animations on the kiosk screen and provides both customer and agent with confirmation as each device is used. LE Station seamlessly and securely submits the data captured to your systems.

Flexible Hardware Options

Live Expert Stations can be implemented with a single or dual displays. It can work with off-the-shelf equipment or custom units that that can be purchased from us or another equipment supplier. In many cases, all-in-one touch screen PCs with an integrated camera is a great low cost solution.

Live Expert Station All-In-One


Clients using Live Expert Stations have increased revenues and reduced customer wait times while reducing staffing costs — a truly rare combination of benefits. Customer acceptance and sales transactions per kiosk have increased significantly each year.

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