The world’s most comprehensive, widely deployed & technologically advanced video chat customer service system.

Live Expert System Diagram

Live Expert video chat software does not require expensive proprietary equipment or a large IT project. It can be implemented in days.

Our clients use their existing contact centers or 3rd parties to provide efficient, on-demand services. Agents can work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The on-demand service model allows businesses to provide high value services and higher skilled staff at a fraction of the cost of onsite staffing.

Our patented software  intelligently selects agents based on each customer’s location and need. Automatically and instantly connecting customers to specialists based on relevance and need is an important element in making video chat services valuable for customers.

By instantly matching each customer’s need to agents’ expertise, you achieve greater organizational ROK—Return on Knowledge. We believe that knowledge capital is the most under-monetized asset for most businesses.