Video Kiosks for Customer Service

Video Kiosks and Terminals for Live Onsite Services

Provide access to live customer service and transaction assistance at any location. Full kiosk application with all the features of the Live Expert video chat system. Integrated with wide range of transactional devices. SDK available for adding Live Expert features to existing kiosk applications.

Live Expert Station Hertz Kiosk Call
Live Expert Station Kiosk Discount Cars & Trucks

Live Expert Kiosk with optional devices for transaction processing.

Instantly Connect Every Customer to Right Advisor

Our patented technology automatically routes video calls to advisors based on expertise needed, language preference and location. Every customer can have the right advisor at the moment of need.

Tools for Interactive Services.

Customer and agent can co-browse, share screen, share documents, and process transactions. The system interfaces to bar code reader, MSR, photo ID electronic verification service, printer, dispenser, and RFID.

Gateway for Unlimited Services

Services delivered via the kiosk can be provided by your staff or partner organizations. Live video calls are routed to any agent who has the Live Expert Studio, even 3rd parties. Customer queues and waiting rooms are also service or language specific.

Flexible Hardware Options

Live Expert software works with all hardware options – full kiosks, touchscreen terminals, tablets. Customers choose the hardware. We also provide a full upright kiosk that is “Live Expert ready” with option to add a wide range of peripheral devices.

Live Expert Station Tablet Kiosk Staples Services Menu

Staples Canada “Tablet kiosk” for a wide range of live interactive services.

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