Video Call Routing by
Skill, Language, Location
Electronic ID
Co-browsing &
File/Document Sharing

Live Expert Anywhere for 100% Browser-Based
Video Chat Services.  No Software Download.

One click connection to an available advisor with the right skills.  Queue management, video call transfers, join other advisors or  customers to live session.  Real-time or scheduled consultations.  Works with all desktop and mobile browsers.

Live Expert Anywhere Laptop
Live Expert Anywhere NBF Video Demonstration

National Business Furniture provides furniture demonstrations using Live Expert Anywhere.

Face-to-Face Customer Engagement

After 25 years of evolution in digital commerce, why are we still using text chat? Discover how live human engagement can win customers and build loyalty.

Right Advisor for Every Customer

Our patented technology automatically routes video calls to advisors based on expertise needed, language preference and location. Every customer gets the right advisor at the moment of need.

Live Expert Anywhere Staples Kiosk Screen

Staples Canada provides graphic design services using Live Expert Anywhere.

Live Expert Anywhere CTCA Website Profiles

Patients connect with CTCA oncology information specialists using Live Expert Anywhere.

Comprehensive Tools for Agents

Customer and agent can co-browse, share documents, share screen, conduct product demonstrations, and process transactions. Customers can also upload documents for the agent or use the camera to show their environment or the item they need help with. The entire session can be recorded for QA, compliance, and issue resolution.

Agent Assisted Transaction Processing
& ID Verification

Our web module makes transaction processing and ID verification possible without customers having to download any software. One click, instant connection to an available agent, who guides the customer through the process. Live Expert Studio guides the agent through each step of the transaction or ID verification process.

Live Expert ID Verification on Studio & Station

Image of ID captured by customer is automatically uploaded to agent’s Studio for review.

Real-time video chat system for
high-engagement services and remote support.

Important Features Wheel General

Omni-channel Video Chat System

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