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Is Video Telehealth Just Talk?

Philadelphia Digicontact LogoWhen it comes to video-based telehealth, much of the activity for the past decade has been, well,  just talk. Healthcare organizations experimented with using traditional video conferencing systems, which are difficult for consumers to use. These systems also often required expensive equipment, resulting in poor ROI. Even for some prominent telemedicine companies, connecting by video is more prevalent in marketing literature than in actual practice, for which most services are still provided via the telephone.
One company, ClairVista, with offices in Chicago and Amsterdam, is changing this with a new class of software that is easy for consumers to use and works reliably and securely across all digital channels and all devices. Healthcare organizations are using this software and achieving significant increases in patient acquisition and higher quality patient engagement while improving clinical outcomes and reducing expenses.

The software is Live Expert, which was originally developed to provide outstanding customer service for consumer businesses with high expectations (customers include Hertz, Staples, Road Runner Sports, and others). As healthcare becomes more patient centered and value based, the services framework and broader capabilities of the Live Expert system become recognized and valued over traditional video conferencing systems.

Today, Live Expert is being adopted by healthcare organizations for a wide range of use cases. Below are examples of organizations using Live Expert and achieving great results. For more information, visit

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Live Expert Philadelphia Digicontact Mobile InteractionLive Expert Philadelphia Digicontact Mobile Interaction