Next Generation Telehealth

The world’s most comprehensive, flexible, & technologically advanced telehealth system.

Live Expert System Healthcare Diagram

Until now, telehealth has been limited to single purpose products that are difficult to implement and operate. Only Live Expert provides a telehealth system for all forms of telehealth services, one system that handles live video consultations across all digital channels and can incorporate medical devices. Live Expert provides all of the following with one system:

  • A video consultation and content sharing system for on demand and scheduled services.
  • One system for mobile devices, websites and emails (with no software download), service terminals and kiosks.
  • Single click connection without a multi-step set-up process.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant and secure system. Request our full Live Expert & HIPAA Compliance Report.
  • Combines remote patient monitoring devices with live video consultation.
  • A cloud application for monitoring and reporting patient diagnostic data and video chat sessions.
  • API’s for easy interface with electronic medical records.
  • Unmatched capabilities such as skill based video call routing, active queue management, live video call transfers and call back requests.