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Customized & branded mobile app

  • Custom menu, workflow, messages.
  • Video calling, remote monitoring & self-service.
  • User ID and authentication option.

No proprietary equipment

  • Download app to any Apple or Android device.
  • Use with any manufacturer’s medical equipment.
  • Bluetooth sync or manual entry.
  • HIPAA compliant cloud application for viewing patient data and setting alerts.

Real-time services

  • One-click connection to available personnel.
  • Video call routing by service, language & location.
  • Automated queues & virtual waiting rooms.
  • Outbound calling to patient’s app.

Wide range of use cases

  • Clinical and therapy consultations.
  • Equipment and technical support.
  • Product sales & demonstrations.
  • Translation services.

Seamless & comprehensive

  • Add family, doctor or specialist to live call.
  • Connect with app or just a browser.
  • Co-browsing, file-sharing & screen-sharing.
  • Live video call transfers.

Secure & reliable

  • Automatic adaptation to network quality.
  • Secure peer-to-peer video communication.
  • Encrypted transmissions.
  • HIPAA compliant cloud application for viewing patient data & setting alerts.
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