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Our Mobile Telehealth System is easy to use for patients in the home that combines live video consultation with applications running Bluetooth connected medical devices for remote patient monitoring.

With one click of a button on the Mobile Telehealth Tablet screen, the patient connects to the right clinician for face to face video consultation and information sharing right on the tablet screen. The same screen also runs applications for collecting data from medical devices such as blood pressure gauge and weight scale, which work with a cloud application that monitors patient conditions and sends alerts.

Service menu option and branding is customized for each organization. Features include:

  • Instant video connection to a live clinician – based on required skill, language, patient or group ID.
  • Handles video call queues, call transfers, waiting rooms, and callback requests.
  • Interactive content sharing.
  • Integrated blood pressure gauge, weight scale, glucometer. Other devices can be easily integrated.
  • Comprehensive cloud application that monitors patient readings and sends alerts.

Revolution in Home Healthcare

The home healthcare industry operates with a decades old model of fee-based weekly visits by nurses and therapists. This model has enormous logistical costs and is designed for the convenience of providers, not the needs of patients. If a patient needs help outside these brief visits, timely help is not available. Too often, the patient’s condition deteriorates or the patient makes an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

Home healthcare agencies are also faced with declining reimbursements and shrinking profits. As the elderly live longer and more care shifts to the home, a better care delivery system is much needed for all constituents.

The Mobile Telehealth Tablet enables a better care delivery system for patients, providers and payers. Its key benefits are:

  • Instant access to clinicians when patients have questions or need assistance.
  • Real-time monitoring of patient’s condition.
  • Improved clinical outcomes. Fewer re-admissions and unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Reduced number of in home visits by nurses or therapists.
  • Reduced logistical and service costs for the industry.
phila_digilogo250x250Success Story

Stichting Philadelphia Zorg – Netherlands

Philadelphia, a large Dutch healthcare organization that serves thousands of handicapped clients in The Netherlands, provides telehealth services using Live Expert’s Anywhere and Mobility modules. In the past, Philadelphia provided these services through weekly scheduled visits to each client’s home. Using Live Expert, Philadelphia now makes its services available whenever clients need them, speaks with clients more frequently, and has achieved improved quality of care while reducing the cost of operations from fewer home visits.

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