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ClairVista Launches the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Mobile Telehealth Tablet

ClairVista, the provider of Live Expert®, the leading video chat customer service system, announced the launch of its Mobile Telehealth Tablet.  The Mobile Telehealth Tablet combines live video chat consultation with applications running Bluetooth connected medical devices for remote monitoring.

Mobile Telehealth Tablet

Mobile Telehealth Tablet menu screen and live video call.

With one click of a button on the Mobile Telehealth Tablet screen, the patient connects to the right clinician for face to face video consultation and information sharing right on the tablet screen.

The same screen also runs applications for collecting data from medical devices such as blood pressure gauge and weight scale, which work with a cloud application that monitors patient conditions and sends alerts.

Until now, video-based healthcare has been limited to traditional video conferencing tools, which are difficult for patients to use and limited to scheduled services.  Live Expert connects patients to providers with one click based on the required service, language, patient’s location or ID, and seamlessly handles both on demand and scheduled services.

By combining video consultation with medical equipment applications in a single device, the Mobile Telehealth Tablet provides the most comprehensive remote care solution available.  The tablet is integrated with key medical devices, but other devices can be easily added.  The cloud application that monitors patient conditions and sends alerts can also be used with other devices.

Medical devices

Medical device integration.

“Most healthcare services, including telehealth, are delivered according to the logistical convenience of the provider.  But transformative value cannot be created by just plugging in new technology to an old process,” said Chris Sang, Founder and CEO of ClairVista.  “To meaningfully improve clinical outcomes and reduce the systemic cost of healthcare, patients need timely access to care when they need it, particularly in home healthcare, post-acute care, rural healthcare, and medical equipment support.  The Mobile Telehealth Tablet is a valuable solution for achieving those goals.”

Live Expert, which received three U.S. patents, requires no proprietary equipment, and enables video chat and interactive content sharing services across all digital channels – mobile devices, websites and emails (no software download needed), service terminals and kiosks.

Live Expert handles 90,000 customer service video calls per month.  Over 90% of video chat kiosks in North America use the Live Expert system.  In healthcare, organizations like Cancer Treatment Centers of America (US) and Stichting Philadelphia Zorg (Netherlands) use Live Expert to provide high engagement patient services on websites and mobile devices.