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ClairVista Team

Chris Sang

Chris Sang

Founder and CEO

Chris is the visionary behind our Live Expert software. Chris has over 20 years of experience developing transformational technology solutions and new businesses, and has served as CEO, CFO or COO of four successful new companies during that period.

Chris has also served on the Board of Directors for six companies, in software, retail and distribution, including two public companies. Chris has a BS in Business from DePaul University.

Oliver Gartner

Director of Engineering

Oliver guides our premiere engineering team in product development and customer implementations.  Oliver began his career in Europe with leading technology consulting companies, where he developed enterprise software solutions for clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Oliver has a Diploma in Computer Science from Saarland University in Germany and a Master’s in Psychology from The University of Edinburgh in the UK.


Doug Irvin

Vice President – Telehealth Solutions

Doug leads our business development activities across all segments of healthcare where telehealth has a role.  Doug has 20 years of healthcare industry experience spanning medical equipment, hospice care, and pharmacy benefit management, and has held leadership positions in operations, sales and market development.  Doug has a BS in Biology from the University of Iowa.


Freek H. J. Vermeulen

Vice President & General Manager – Europe

Freek is based in Amsterdam and heads our European operation and expansion. Freek has extensive international experience in marketing, brand development, and customer care and has worked with global brands in consumer services, airlines, electronics, and telecom. Freek can be contacted at fvermeulen@clairvista.com

ClairVista Careers

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We Develop Game-Changing Solutions

ClairVista develops transformational technology solutions for delivering products or services with greater efficiency.

We developed Live Expert with a singular vision – to enable live consultation services across all forms of digital commerce (websites, email, kiosks, mobile devices) with one unified service platform. Live Expert, backed by three U.S. patents, is the most advanced and comprehensive system available for video chat services.

Prior to developing Live Expert, ClairVista helped McDonalds develop the Redbox DVD rental business (since acquired by Coinstar), which has grown to over 50,000 installations and $2.5 billion+ in annual revenue.