Customers: Hertz

Hertz Live Expert Case Study

Hertz, the world’s largest car rental brand, is rolling out hundreds of ExpressRent™ kiosks powered by the Live Expert system. With Live Expert, Hertz customers can instantly video chat with a remote agent for live, face-to-face service for vehicle rentals at airports, off-airport locations, and on Hertz 24/7 website.

By combining ExpressRent kiosks with Hertz’s 24/7 hourly rental service at locations like Lowes, Hertz is efficiently creating ubiquitous points of presence throughout the community and transforming consumers’ perception and usage of vehicle rentals.

Using Live Expert, remote agents can also control kiosk devices for identification, payment, printing, and even dispensers. Live Expert automatically displays how-to animations on the kiosk screen, provides confirmation of use for each device, handles any exceptions, and seamlessly uploads the data to the reservation system.

Live Expert solves myriad of challenges in providing outstanding customer service at thousands of locations – handling high fluctuations in customer traffic at each location, minimizing customer wait times, ensuring agents have time for up selling, effectively training personnel, and maintaining high service quality and brand loyalty.

With Live Expert, Hertz has achieve a rare combination of benefits – higher service levels, lower operating costs, greater revenue per transaction, and greater market adoption of its services.