Answers to Common Questions

1. How is Live Expert different from videoconferencing or other video chat systems?

Traditional videoconferencing and video chat systems require users to download and install special software and become familiar with system utilities. This is not a suitable experience for on-demand services. Live Expert requires no software download, provides simple, one-touch connection to agents, a full video telephony switch, and proven tools to efficiently manage every aspect of video chat service delivery. For a more complete list of key differences, refer to the document: It’s More Than Just Video Chat (PDF).

2. How have customer responded?

Our clients achieve significantly higher sales conversion rates and order size with a Live Expert session compared to self-service. Our clients have also experienced significant increases in their customers’ use of Live Expert services. When exit surveys have been conducted, 99% of users said they would use Live Expert services again.

3. How does this compare to text chat?

Live Expert provides a higher form of customer engagement. Text chat can be useful for simple support questions or when the business objective it to minimize customer interaction. But for consultative online services, no method is as satisfying or effective as two people speaking face to face while sharing information on the screen.

Live Expert does provide a text chat option. However, it is used as a fallback method when a customer cannot or chooses not to speak with the agent.

4. Isn’t text chat more efficient?

Some people view multiple concurrent text chat as being efficient. But concurrent service is only possible because each text chat thread is slow and inefficient (read, discern meaning, type, send, wait for response – with long pauses in between). And concurrent text chats only increase pauses and degradation of service quality.

Voice conversation is by far the most efficient and effective form of service interaction.

5. How long does it take to implement Live Expert?

We have implemented Live Expert in less than a week. However, most implementations take 30 – 60 days to allow time for customized brand treatment, selecting and training agents, securing equipment, and testing.

The LE Enterprise server is usually hosted and operated by us, which speeds up deployment; but we also have clients that operate their own servers.

6. What does Live Expert cost?

Live Expert is offered on a subscription basis based on number of licenses. This allows our clients to begin a video chat program without a big upfront cost.

Our goal is to make Live Expert available for rapid adoption by B2B and B2C businesses. We are currently pricing the full Live Expert suite at levels comparable to ordinary text chat systems.

7. Can agents be at any location?

Agents can be anywhere with an internet connection and can be employees, 3rd parties, vendors or partners. LE Enterprise connects customers to the appropriate entity and agent based on each customer’s need and your business rules.

8. Will employees view Live Expert as a threat?

Live Expert empowers onsite employees by providing them with a life line for expertise that customers need. Live Expert also handles customer overflow to reduce customer wait times and demands on onsite personnel.

Video chat agents find Live Expert empowering because they are only connected to customers requiring their specific skills.

9. What role can suppliers play?

Live Expert allows manufacturers to provide consultation at the point of purchase decisions. Manufacturers can extend their existing product advisors to both online and onsite retail channels. For manufacturers that already fund in-store sales help or training, Live Expert can be a cost effective alternative.

10. Does ClairVista have a patent for the Live Expert technology?

ClairVista has been awarded three US patents covering the systems and methods that are the foundation of Live Expert. These patents cover both onsite and online video-assisted customer services.