Live Expert

Industry Uses

Retail & Consumer Services

  • Online sales conversion is extremely low throughout the industry. For many segments of e-commerce, live consultations can significantly improve the conversion rate.
  • In today’s online channel, both premium and discount brands use the same self service model, which would be unthinkable in stores. With Live Expert, premium brands can provide personal service online as they do in stores.
  • Stores are challenged with the high cost of carrying large assortments and staffing and training knowledgeable help. Using LE Stations, stores can efficiently offer more products and service and provide true experts to sell them.
  • In the Amazon Economy, most retailers have a structural disadvantage. Their future is no longer in competing on price but on service. Live Expert helps efficiently deliver that service.

Financial Services

  • Financial services have become increasingly impersonal and customer loyalty has eroded. Live Expert can strengthen personal connections at every point of contact:
    • On your website.
    • In emails you send.
    • At branch offices.
    • At ATM machines.
  • Personal connections can be made broadly available or used in a targeted way – e.g. for high value customers.
  • Live Expert can also bring more services and expertise to branch locations while reducing staff at those locations.


Tele-health services can significantly lower the cost of healthcare delivery. We are actively seeking opportunities to partner with companies for these use cases:

  • Online healthcare consultation services.
  • Online pre-registration services.
  • Onsite registration with Live Expert kiosks.
  • Tele-health consultation terminals for retail clinics.
  • Specialist access for physician offices.
  • LE Mobility for healthcare providers making house calls or providing field services.
  • Language translation services.

Support Services

  • Live Expert is well suited for enhancing remote support services – video, voice and content sharing combined in one interface on the customer’s computer screen.
  • A wide range of industries can use Live Expert to augment support services:
    • Technical support.
    • Equipment support.
    • Installation support.
    • Support escalation.
    • Field diagnostics and reporting.

Technology Manufacturers

  • In-store sales and consultation terminals.
  • Online sales and support through website and emails.
  • Pre-installed software on computers for technical support (see Amazon’s Mayday).
  • Pre-installed software on mobile computers for mobile workforce video chat and content sharing.
  • Corporate or VIP account management.