Live Expert

The Live Expert Platform

The world’s most comprehensive, widely deployed &
technologically advanced video chat customer service system.

Live Expert does not require expensive proprietary equipment or a large IT project. It can be implemented in days.

Our clients use their existing contact centers or 3rd parties to provide efficient, on-demand services. Agents can work from any where with an internet connection.

The on-demand service model allows businesses to provide high value services and higher skill staff at a fraction of the cost of onsite staffing.

Our patented system for intelligently selecting agents based on each customer’s location and need is an important element in making video chat services relevant and valuable for customers.

By instantly matching each customer’s need to agents’ expertise, you achieve greater organizational ROK—Return on Knowledge. We believe that knowledge capital is the most under-monetized asset for most businesses.

LE Anywhere

Live human interaction on your website—at last.

LE Anywhere (LEA) provides video, voice, and content sharing in one unified interface on the customer’s screen. Customers can use the service from any computer with just a browser.

Customers can choose 1-way video, 2-way video, or text chat. Camera is not required for 1-way video. LEA even provides a callback option if no agents are available.

Transforming Online Customer Service

Frustration and abandonment are common online experiences, and text chat is ineffective for consultative services. There is no substitute for live human conversation and sharing visual information to assist customers.

Rich Content Sharing

Agents can show information on the customer’s screen in a variety of ways, including co-browsing, desktop sharing and file transfers. Agents can also share information from other systems without any systems integration. LEA agents can have more information at their fingertips than onsite associates.

Configurable To Your Needs

You can add the LEA widget to any web page in minutes, or make them appear for select customers. You can also insert LEA links in outbound emails. Customers are connected to agents based on your business rules.

Customer, Skill and Context Based Agent Selection

LEA recognizes the referring web page or the email link and automatically routes video calls to the appropriate agent - based on customer ID, prior service interaction, required skill or language, and other attributes.

Cross Channel Service Continuity

LEA users are supported by the same agents and LE Studios that support online, onsite and mobility users. By providing cross-channel service continuity, you can develop stronger, more lasting customer relationships.

Easy to Implement

LEA is 100% browser based, so it is easy to implement, easy for customers to use, and easy to support. Our hosted server can have you up and running in few days. Simple and efficient—this is the way all technology should work.

LE Station & LE Companion

Unlimited expertise at every location.

LE Station is used for onsite video chat services using kiosks, terminals, or digital signs. LE Station can run on off-the-shelf equipment or client selected kiosks.

LE Companion is a video chat plug-in for existing self-service applications such as ATMs, check-in systems (airlines, hotels or hospitals), as well as systems for ticketing, hiring, gift registry, registrations or concierge services.

One-Touch Connection

One touch instantly connects customers to subject matter experts or account team members. Video calls can also begin with a card swipe, bar code scan, or when a high value customer checks in.

Beyond Self-Service

Video chat can be a customer selected option for self-service applications or automatically accompany every kiosk session. Live video agents can speed services for customers, provide expertise not available onsite, and be available to any location where customers need help.

Unlimited Gateway of Services

LE Station can be used to add unlimited range of products and services to any location. These services can be provided by your employees, partners or 3rd parties. Adding products and services without adding onsite staff is a powerful ROI model.

Remote Control of Kiosk Devices

Agents can control kiosk devices such as magnetic stripe readers, bar code scanners, printers, and dispensers. LE Station plays how-to animations on the kiosk screen and provides both customer and agent with acknowledgment as each device is used. LE Station seamlessly and securely submits the data captured to your systems.

Flexible Hardware Options

LE Stations can be implemented with a single or dual displays. It can work with equipment that is client specified, off-the-shelf, or custom unit that we develop based on client requirements. We also assist clients with kiosk design and selection of kiosk components. In many cases, all-in-one touch screen PCs with an integrated camera is a great low cost solution.


Clients using LE Stations have increased revenues and reduced customer wait times while reducing staffing costs—a truly rare combination of benefits. Customer acceptance continues to grow, as sales transactions per kiosk have increased significantly each year.

LE Mobility

Live consultation on mobile devices.

Add LE Mobility as a plug in to any mobile app.

  • iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch
  • Android Phones & Tablets
  • Windows 8

Full Capability of Live Expert Suite

  • Provides full capability of the entire Live Expert platform for mobile video chat and content sharing services.
  • Customers are supported by the same agents and LE Studios as online and onsite channels.
  • Provides the ultimate cross-channel service continuity.

LE Studio

Complete customer service portal for your agents.

You need much more than video chat technology to provide video-assisted services. LE Studio provides a comprehensive suite of tools necessary to create a superior customer experience.

When evaluating video chat solutions, look beyond the video. Check whether the following capabilities are also available out-of-the-box.

Video Call & Session Management

  • Video call queue monitor.
  • Video call transfer and concierge functions.
  • Video call quality indicator.
  • Automatically -
    • Adjusts video bit rate based on network performance.
    • Provides key information to agent – customer detail, customer’s location detail, product info, etc.
    • Retrieves language-specific content.
  • Session recording – video, audio, desktop options.
  • Reporting and analytics.

Agent Controls

  • Large / small video option.
  • Multiple display option.
  • One-click content sharing, co-browsing, and desktop sharing.
  • Share content from any system.
  • Catalog and favorites.
  • Thumbnail view of customer’s screen.
  • Control all devices at LE Station.
  • Contact onsite employees.
  • Re-establish the last video call connection.
  • Session documentation and disposition.
  • Callback disposition.

Flexible & Inexpensive

  • Supports video calls from all channels: online, onsite, mobile.
  • Peer to peer video chat and content sharing.
  • Agents can work from anywhere with internet connection.
  • Agents can be employees, vendors or partners.
  • Works seamlessly with existing systems, including CRM.
  • No expensive proprietary equipment, just off the shelf computer and webcam.
  • Not bandwidth intensive.

LE Enterprise

Enterprise Class Application and Architecture

LE Enterprise is a server application that manages all the endpoints and processes within the Live Expert system. Its advanced architecture makes it highly scalable and secure for high volume video chat services.

Complete System Out of the Box

  • Video telephony switch for agent selection, call routing, and call transfers.
  • Manages call queues and estimated wait times.
  • Manages callback requests.
  • Manages interfaces to other systems.
  • Manages multi-entity support and user profiles and roles.
  • Provides optional CRM, order processing and invoicing tools.

Availability & Quality Management

  • Monitors network connections.
  • Monitors endpoint availability.
  • Monitors agent availability.
  • Monitors call session activity.
  • Manages session recordings and reviews.
  • Captures and reports customer feedback.
  • Reporting and analytics for video chat sessions and agent performance.

Flexible & Easy Operation

  • Secure, web-based system administration.
  • Easy to maintain configurations, rules and user profiles.
  • Administers remote software updates for all endpoints.
  • System alerts, analytics, and reports.