A sample of our customers in consumer services, retail, healthcare, financial, and government services – in US, Canada and Europe.


Hertz operates ExpressRent kiosks using Live Expert’s LE Station module at hundreds of airport, off airport and retail locations. With Live Expert, Hertz can expand its points of presence for rental car services without adding onsite staff or making significant investment in rental offices, as well as speed customers through the rental process, reduce customer wait times, and increase up sells. Hertz also uses Live Expert’s LE Anywhere module to provide online video chat services for member enrollment for it 24/7 program.

Staples Canada

Staples Canada, also known as Staples Business Depot and Bureau en Gros, operates in every Canadian province with over 330 stores. Staples Canada uses Live Expert’s LE Station module in its stores and LE Anywhere module on its website to provide graphic design and other custom services that would be too costly to staff at each store. Live Expert allows Staples Canada to efficiently add high-touch services and revenue to its stores and website. In 2012, ClairVista was selected Vendor of Year by Staples Canada.

Stichting Philadelphia – Netherlands

Philadelphia, a large Dutch healthcare organization that assists thousands of handicapped clients in The Netherlands, implemented video chat services using Live Expert’s LE Anywhere and LE Mobility modules. Traditionally, Philadelphia provided these services through weekly scheduled visits to each client’s home. Using Live Expert, Philadelphia can now make its services available whenever clients need them, stay in contact with clients more frequently, and improve the overall quality of care while reducing the cost of delivering its services.

Digital Federal Credit Unions

Digital Federal Credit Unions (DCU) is a credit union that serves over 800 companies and 400,000 members and has over $5 billion in assets. DCU uses Live Expert’s LE Station module to provide specialized services to members at its branch offices using video chat and interactive content sharing features. LE Station allows DCU to efficiently staff these services from its central office, yet make them available on demand to all branch offices. Live Expert’s skill based video call routing and interactive content sharing tools ensure that each member is connected to the right specialist, and that each consultation provides a personal face to face experience and informative content.

National Business Furniture

National Business Furniture is a $150 million online retailer of business furniture revolutionizing a convergence of physical and virtual retailing with the Live Expert system. NBF uses Live Expert’s LE Anywhere module to provide video chat consultation and live product demonstrations to online customers. Furniture advisors operate in a real showroom designed for conducting product demonstrations via video chat so customers can see the details of actual products, but advisors also share digital content with customers to show color and fabric choices.


NextgenID provides biometric ID kiosks for a variety of high security applications. NextgenID’s newly introduced kiosks use Live Expert to allow a remote agent to guide the kiosk user step by step through the biometric ID authentication process.