Live Expert Anywhere
Human interaction on websites.

Video chat and content sharing in one window on the customer’s browser. No software download needed. One click instantly connects customer to the right agent with the right skill.

Live Expert Mobility
Live consultation on mobile devices.

Live Expert capabilities on mobile devices – call routing, video, audio and content sharing. Full app or SDK option. Same system and agents support mobile, web, and kiosks.

Live Expert Station - kiosk
Unlimited expertise at every location.

Full kiosk application for live, on-demand services at digital terminals. Run standalone or as companion to other applications. No proprietary equipment needed.


Live video consultations with content sharing increase customer conversion, order value, and customer loyalty.  But a video plugin cannot create a great customer experience.  You need:

  • No session ID’s or downloads.
  • Automatic agent selection and call routing.
  • Call routing based on skill, language & location.
  • Ability to manage queues, transfers, callbacks.
  • Video and content sharing in one window.
  • One system that supports all channels.


Hertz, the world’s largest car rental brand, is rolling out hundreds of ExpressRent™ kiosks powered by the Live Expert system. With Live Expert, Hertz customers can instantly video chat with a remote agent for live, face-to-face service for vehicle rentals at airports, off-airport locations, and on Hertz 24/7 website. By combining ExpressRent kiosks with Hertz’s 24/7 hourly rental service at locations like Lowes, Hertz is efficiently creating ubiquitous points of presence throughout the community.



Stichting Philadelphia Zorg, a large healthcare provider in The Netherlands, launched its new DigiContact video care service using ClairVista’s Live Expert® system. DigiContact uses Live Expert to provide on-demand and scheduled services through patients’ own computers and mobile devices. Live Expert instantly connects each patient to an advisor based on the patient’s need, language preference or location, enables face-to-face interaction, content sharing and session recording, and provides a complete system for operating video chat services.


ClairVista Adds Mobile Video Chat and Content Sharing to Its Live Expert Video Chat Customer Service System

ClairVista Adds Mobile Video Chat and Content Sharing to Its Live Expert Video Chat Customer Service System ClairVista, the leading provider of video chat customer service system, announced that...

Hertz Extends It's 24/7 Service in Lowes (powered by Live Expert)

Hertz Extends It’s 24/7 Service in Lowes (powered by Live Expert)